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  13. joachim guanzon: Sige man. Some people from the Philippines Flickr group (member ka ba dun?) have also mentioned a group photoblog would be a nice move. At least may tao na rin, pero I’d suggest let’s start small. Why? Lalagyan natin ng ads para kumita, ‘no, so pag madami, madami din kahati! Tina: We’ll have things planned out first, ok?

  14. Love the list, Charlotte. Our family loves to read, too, and there are several titles here that are unfamiliar. We’ll have to check those out for read alouds this fall.

  15. Errr…Huckabee couldn’t have been more clear. My apologies for misidentifying him. Regardless, I appreciate the chance to view the video. It looked like Rudy was pretty amused by Huckabee setting Blitzer straight.

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  20. Since I was five I've planned on living in an RV and traveling across the US, selling paintings and home made crafts as an income. I would then take my RV on a barge across the Atlantic and drive up and down Europe. From there, who knows? I'd love to visit parts of the Middle East and Africa, but it's just so dangerous.

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  22. Virkelig god og bruger venlig video. Det lykkedes mig faktisk at lave sådan en fletning, lige indtil det gik op for at mit hår er en kende for kort, og afslutningen gik i totalt smadder, men næste sommer, så er jeg hår klar.Jeg mener at du engang har skrevet noget om Avedas produkter, og ville i den anledning spørge om du evt har prøvet deres fugtmaske?

  23. This was fascinating, Leslie. I'll never forget meeting the dump dwellers in the Transkei (when it existed), twenty years ago. Unfortunately I'm not a Laila, and did nothing about it beyond writing a couple of articles. This is a tremendous story.

  24. If you spent a quintillionth of the money on a couple of extra researchers for Four Corners or the 7.30 Report or radio news you would be doing a better job for the citizenry than the money wasted on this.Mr Denmore is correct.

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  33. | The Literal Mom,Well, thanks! Isn’t it funny how our own voice sounds a bit different on tape then when we’re hearing ourselves talk? or is it just me? lol[]

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  37. Picked up Dungeons of Dredmor again, reminded by the recent thread about their awesome forum moderation. I was happy to see that the pocket dimension is available without getting the newest expansion pack (which I will get eventually). Inspired by the blog post, I’ve started trying to win with a random build. Vampire and Killer Vegan are showing up more often than I expect, but Vampire-Werediggle is working out surprisingly well.

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  53. Benny Morris talks about purity of arms in “1948.” Israel was “forced” to kill, at about 7 times the civilian casualties inflicted by Arabs, because, “our backs were to the wall.”once again, failure to accept any responsibility for its own actions; justification for otherwise morally untenable situation by hyperbolizing sense of victimization. The pattern… the future of a delusion

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  57. Love the video and looking forward to more. Don’t mean to be a midwest bible thumper but this really applies:Ecclesiastes 1:9 “What has been will be again, what has been done will be done again; there is nothing new under the sun.”

  58. I listen to O’Reilly every day, and I hear more lies, misinformation, and vitriol than the collected works of Joseph Goebbels.If you really believe he knows his stuff, I have nothing but pity for you. Enjoy your dementia.

  59. Sadly our political "elders," feel they have a lock on what is right and are going to dictate it to the rest of us. Though not all of us who are older feel that way, thank goodness.

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  70. OMG. Another woman who’s as uncomfortable around other women as me! I thought it was only me. Don’t get me wrong, I do have several good girl friends. But I, too, feel more at home around guys. I grew up with a passel of them (guys), so maybe that explains it? I dunno, but I’m glad to know I’m not the only one out there.

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  72. Anonymous nihilist,Why do you use the term "nihilism" to describe the beliefs of leftists? I am inclined to believe you are not following the dictionary here, so maybe you could clear up my misunderstanding.

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  138. Will this press conference actually materialize ? The mid June one sure as hell didn't and with no explanation ! I used tobelieve in Sheriff Joe, but it's hard to now,after all this time, and he really hasn't come up with anything that wasn't already known. He needs to deliver Big Time this time,On Time.

  139. Why won't this post on youtube:"What did the Clintons bring us in crisis situation: Black Hawk down, Osama's training years, the massive Dot Com Bubble frauds, the Fed's lax lending policy?"What is going on?

  140. You are so awesome for helping me solve this mystery.

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